Using Rollers: Do and Don’ts

Big curls have had a huge trend, especially after celebrities have been spotted at the Oscars and other red carpet events with sweeping locks. And, it`s a style that will not disappear nor too difficult to achieve. If you are also interested in using this hair roller, but wondering how to use hair rollers, then you are in the right place. Do not have a read to understand the basic techniques involved with rollers to curl your hair! Hair rollers are some of the many ways to create curly hair. When we asked Johnny Lavoy, an international hair consultant L`Oréal Paris, which one was better – the hair roller or iron, he had chosen rollers. According to him, the rollers can give long lasting curls with more volume, compared to the straightening rod. Above all, they do not damage the hair.

Even if this hair combing tool seems easy to use, there are some tricks involved in curling the hair with rollers. If you are naive of using roller crimper then it may be your best bait. But you`ll have to adopt some tricks to master this unconventional way of getting curls.

Nowadays, several types of rollers are available in different sizes and designs, mostly observed in plastic material. Here are some tips to keep in mind about using hair rollers. Keep reading! Shoulder Hair – Must have long shoulder length hair to use rollers. While the length of your hair depends on the size of the rollers, long hair is required to the shoulders for medium curls. Large diameter rollers – If you are interested in getting great curls then pick up rollers with large diameters as they will help you get the waves to the beach. Rollers of different sizes – Choose the size of the rollers according to your preference and determine the length of your hair. Go for the smaller size to get tight or larger curls to get the sweeping waves. Prepare the hair – Before you start using the rollers, you will have to prepare your hair by washing and then conditioning your hair. Apply an anti-frizz serum followed by a mousse to give light volume. Don`t go for hair gels as it can make your curls crunchy. And hair completely dries before using rollers.

Untied – If you want to flaunt an unmade look then take some wax for the hair in your hands and apply it through your hair gently and then use the hair rollers. Curls – For defined curls, after removing rollers, turn your head down and run your fingers through your hair. For natural smooth hair, you should go for Velcro rollers as they are less likely to get tangled in your hair. Here are some tips on how to prevent tangled hair. For thick hair – If you have dense hair and then first divide your hair into several smaller sections to get even curls. How to use the hair rollers First prepare the hair with washing followed by a mousse to give volume and a dry towel Now divide the hair into small sections and roll a tuft of hair from the crown and work your way from the top to the bottom, until your covering all the hair, to the nape of your neck. You can roll up the whole length or leave the roots a little bit in order to get curls at the ends only Follow the Same step for the rest of the sections. For best results, use rollers of different sizes. After the rolling is done, use a hair dryer and heat the closed sections. In this way, your curls perfectly set allow your curls to cool down and remove the rollers now turn your head down and run your fingers through your hair to get curls. Voila! Re-do your curls. Curling hair with rollers is as simple as that!