10 tips for hair care

We bring you some tips that will certainly aid you look healthy and balanced as well as strong hair.

Hair treatment suggestions

1. Brush your hair twice a day, but do not misuse: brush your hair in the morning and at night, not only make you look neater, yet likewise boost blood circulation. However do not overdo it to brush the hair a lot of times a day could cause split ends.

2. Stay clear of also tight hairdos: might create rupture of the hair fiber, causing loss of hair.

3. Do not sleep with her hair bound: as above, makes it damages. Try to use loose, especially for sleeping.

4. Clean your hair massaging the scalp: as they usually do in beauty salons, with the fingertips and a round motion. These aids get rid of dead cells as well as to maintain energetic hair roots.

5. Be careful when cleaning your hair if it is wet: the hair is more breakable when it is wet. For this, it is best dry brush. When wet, the perfect is to utilize a comb with coarse bristles, which are much less hostile.

6. Do not sleep with damp hair: not just boosts the frizz, but likewise prefers the appearance of microbes associated with dandruff.

7. Prevent rubbing your hair with the towel: after washing, it is usual to dry rub, but this creates the ideas of the hair fiber open. Nor is it excellent to maintain it damp covered in the towel. You need to find a good hair dryer for this purpose. You can use a good brand hair dryer like babyliss.

8. Utilize the flat iron and crinkling iron in small amounts: it is popular that excessive warmth damages hair As a result, it measures the frequency of use as well as use safety lotions. In this web link you can see how curl your hair without utilizing heat.

9. Manages using the clothes dryer: Like its precursors, the warmth produced abused hair. Apply and also choose typical temperature levels motion around the entire hair, that is, do not be a very long time still indicating the exact same sector of the hair.

10. Apply nourishing masks: there are numerous self-made recipes with in a couple of minutes you will certainly enhance your hair as well as improve their appearance. Here we leave you a very easy and fast mask: Discover how to make a homemade mask for your hair.

The good iron for your hair

No successful styling is possible without a good iron … But be careful, because when evil chooses its instruments and we do not use them wisely, exercise can turn into a real part of arm wrestling … Before to commit the irreparable, follow the advice of a pro and learn how to choose, use and maintain your iron.


Flat Iron: Between its hot and flat plates, slip a lock of hair to stiffen. If the iron is narrow (and its outer lining is not made of foam), it can also be wound a strand to the loop. It is, therefore, a dual-purpose instrument, used in finishing touch.

Curling Iron: As the name suggests, it serves to impart motion, hot, in the hair. For loose curl, the diameter of the barrel will be larger. Like the previous one, the curling iron is a finishing tool, which is used on dry hair.

Thermal Protection: It is essential to put her hair away, given the excessive degree of heat to which they are subjected by looping or smoothing them. Before grabbing our iron, it is important to unsheathe our thermal protector! This is a solution without water, but the sip of silicone, which serves as a capillary tube. Simply spray on the entire thickness of the fair before to spend iron hair. No danger of soiling the instruments because these products are colorless, non-greasy, non-alcoholic and especially not sticky.

A good ally

Spray ThermaShine gloss Sunsilk ($ 4), the silk protein.

Make your choice

“Three elements must be considered when buying iron: 1) its size (to choose according to the use that will), 2) its composition (specifically, that of the coated surface heating), and 3) its power (which can be set by a heat dimmer), “notes Yoan Aumond, hair stylist at Kharactèr lounge style and colors of Montreal.

Dimension: According to Yoan, better to buy a flat iron close. “The width of the plates should not exceed 1.5 inches, so it will be lighter (and therefore more malleable) and versatile (that is to say, as dedicated to stiffen as complete, and suitable for all hair lengths and thicknesses). “To purchase a curling iron, you have to shop in each case: small, if one has short hair or it is the effects of very defined curls, if rather large.

Composition: The metal is out of favor, as being an excellent conductor of heat, it tends to damage hair. It now prefers ceramic or tourmaline, two materials which, in addition, to distribute the heat consistently and uniformly throughout the capillary surface, wake the sleeping of the hair shine. “That they are endowed with negative ions and have on the hair (itself positively charged) the effect of a magnet, says designer. Upon contact, the hair is stretched, its scales are tightening and stems are gaining luster, discipline and beauty, and this, the first pass, “he notes.

Power: Hair needs are different depending on whether it is long or short, or the full density gradient, thick or thin. “And as our tastes in hairstyles and cuts follow trends and fluctuate over the years – if not months – is better from the outset deal with any eventuality,” recommends Yoan Aumond. Choose an iron with a heat dimmer, so invest in the quality of a camera, and especially in its longevity. But what temperature to choose when there is a choice between different degrees of heat? “Our first rule is to set the temperature in middle, advocates the expert, then adjusted according to the results. Indicatively, a lock should not need more than two strokes of a flat iron to become stiff. ”

Good Use

The expert hairdresser and like to repeat: “The irons are not in any way of styling tools. These tools also give good results when a mechanical Thermo Bross age – the dryer and brush – is first realized. ” So once the well dry hair and goods trouble, they honed their shaping iron. the capillary surface is separated into sections, so as to stiffen or to fasten wicks not exceeding one inch in width and thickness. The movement then we will give them will print the first shot of iron, and take a long time. It begins on the neck and gradually rises to the top of the head.

To stiffen

It closes the hotplates on the selected bit and the flat iron is slid from the root to the tip in a continuous motion. No undue pressure or jolts, otherwise hello wrinkles!

Our suggestions:

The upscale: straightener iron cordless MS1 Smoothliner Braun ($ 50). Plates coated with ceramic. Food butane, for wireless use, worldwide. Close enough to straighten or curl.

Suggested blog about best wireless curling iron.

Economic: Professional hair straightener Style To Go Revlon ($ 20).

To complete

Everything depends on the iron mechanism. If its barrel rotates, there winds the wick, from top to bottom. If the barrel is fixed, it is back on the wick from the tip to the root. We wait five to seven seconds and is unwound.

Our suggestions:

Professional: Fer curling Twirl! T3 ($ 225). 100% tourmaline barrel. Dimmer 4 heat levels. Available in three diameter sizes (small, medium, large). swivel head. 4-year warranty.

Economic: Curling Iron Hot Air 1.5 inch Conair ($ 30). Two metal end caps: brush or barrel. Diffuse air jets for use on damp hair. Articulated cord. Three degrees of intensity of the heat.


“The irons made entirely of ceramic or tourmaline rarely damaged, says the stylist Kharacter lounge style and colors. Rather, the hard metal plates that tend to clog at great speed, he says, because with use, their thin coating tapers, scratches and eventually disappears completely (to the chagrin of sensitive hair) “. Even worse when distributes foam, gel or hairspray in her hair before curling or straightening them, their alcoholic components caramelize under the effect of heat and stick together in sticky residue on the item , amputating the effectiveness and work ability of the iron. To redo the irons shine like new pennies, one cold cleans with a damp cloth with a little rubbing alcohol.

Nettle to stop hair loss

Loss of hair can affect anybody. The sources vary from heritage to stress. In guys, one of the most typical causes is bodily hormones. Nettle could be an excellent choice to combat loss of hair.

It is typical to shed about 100 hairs each day, yet if you are shedding a lot more than that, it would certainly be a good idea to consult with your medical professional. If you tell your hair loss is natural, nettle may be an excellent choice to stop the autumn and also make it expand new hair.

Nettle Residence

Plant nettle (Urtica diocia) is located throughout the world. Usually it grows in woody areas as well as near lakes. If touched, Nettle is called by the fine hairs covering the fallen leaves as well as creates a burning experience as well as a breakout.

The taxonomic name of nettle is Urtica dioica
The taxonomic name of nettle is Urtica dioica

Nettle is edible. It is used medicinally as a tea, essence, tincture or capsules for different health and wellness problems including treatment of some sorts of hair loss.

Among the earliest treatments for loss of hair is nettle. Although there is no clear-cut clinical evidence that nettle offer to stop the autumn, lots of herbalists recommend it for this function.

Nettle capsules

Experts in hair treatment recommend taking 250 mg nettle in capsule type three times everyday to boost hair growth and quit the autumn.

Tea Nettle

Nettle tea is sold in bags in health food shops. Another alternative is to include 1 tablespoon of dried nettle leaves in a mug of warm water.

Cover the dish with a recipe to avoid heat from getting away. tea is allowed to stand for 15 to 20 minutes. Stress, sweeten it with honey as well as you could drink once daily.

One more choice how to use nettle tea for loss of hair is to take 1 cup of nettle leaves in a bowl as well as add 3 cups of water. It overcomes medium heat up until boiling. Then lower the heat and also simmer for 10 minutes. Scalp massage therapy with this tea every evening.


Based on the Medical Center of the University of Maryland, there are a variety of feasible adverse effects with making use of nettle. Some side effects are rash, abdominal pain, liquid retention as well as allergic reactions.

Nettle can communicate with some medicines so you should consistently get in touch with a medical professional before you start taking any supplements nettle.

Expectant or nursing women should not use nettle. For added safety always check with your medical professional before utilizing nettle.

Tips for male loss of hair

Spanish and also hair elegance

The Spaniards are the Europeans most appreciate your hair. Nonetheless, many are convinced that hair loss is a problem without option. The myth of Samson and the relationship in between power and also hair is fabulous. Consequently, when baldness comes several males pick sharp remedies and also cut their heads. However, hair loss is not an impossible trouble if treated early.

A study of 1,500 Europeans (Gallup) ends that the Spanish are the most important associated with hair as well as seven in 10 believes it is a vital aspect of personal image. Nonetheless there are very few that take measures to stop falling. 75 % of Spaniards influenced by alopecia admit that they have actually not played any kind of treatment, encouraged that it is an insoluble problem.

But specialists are not so pessimistic as well as claim that 90 % of hormonal alopecia of males and females can be fixed if it is effectively in the beginning of hair autumn; Autumn begins in adolescence, it remains in youth is when more amount is shed, although it is not apparent up until maturity.

Today the option is to prevent more hair loss, as we said Dr. Iñigo de Felipe, skin doctor hair: “Baldness is a process where the hair slowly come to be much less solid as well as thick hairs being passed be a fine hair, short as well as almost unseen to the human eye growth. The type in dealing with baldness is to materials or drugs that avoid root generates a progressively thinner hair as well as dealing with the scalp”

The misconception of Samson

The relationship between power as well as hair is fabulous. Work as an interest that in the years of democracy in Spain, the elected Heads of Government are males who have actually not had troubles with baldness: Adolfo Suarez, Felipe González, José María Aznar and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

A most peculiar case is the Head of state of Congress, José Bono, who has actually made headlines in current weeks by a capillary graft, have actually been made to enhance the surface of hair.

Cut to the chase

When baldness comes several guys choose sharp options and also cut their heads. In recent years several male opted for this option as well as have actually become fashionable: the tennis game Andre Agassi, the gamer Roberto Carlos, star Bruce Willis or TELEVISION presenters as a sporting activities journalist Antonio Lobato or Emmanuel Rouzic, the critical fashion photographer of “Centerfold”.

Various other misconceptions are unmasked by specialists, like sea water enhances the hair, which is bad to clean your hair daily or sunbathing is good for hair.

Alopecia is not an impossible trouble if treated very early and also has the opinion of a specialist skin specialist hair to figure out the kind of alopecia, as well as succeeding treatment with some of the choices on the market.

6 Simple solutions for seasonal hair loss

A lot of us could possibly verify that right now of year we shed a great deal of hair, as well as the reality is that we are right: the hair has patterns of development and decrease, as well as fall precisely reaches its optimal in October/ November.

Exists anything we can do? So primarily conceal it up until you get to the summertime, when the hair reaches its maximum thickness. Right here are a few remedies that can be conveniently applied ourselves against seasonal hair loss.

Homemade remedies

Deal with the roots: it made use of to spray to enhance the quantity or the like (see your beautician or an expert). Use the spray as you’re drying your hair. With a rounded brush, lift up your hair and brush in the other instructions to the organic autumn of the hair while you’re throwing the spray.

Filling up fiber: if you have very enlightened or more enlightened parts that hair around, it is very well to use hair fibers. You’ll get even more quantity as well as density, and also this will feel even more of it.

With onion essence a lot more nutrition for hair, give it radiate, as well as stimulate growth. Lemon-scented, cool for summer.

Remedies hairdressing

Cut your hair: quite brief hairdos seasonal Hair loss the hair a healthier and also fuller look and also do not appear crushed by the weight of the length. To the majority of us the most effective that we feel is a cut to the neck.

Capitalize on the fall to apply color to your hair: hair dyes cuticles swell increasing the size of each hair and also therefore, providing evens more quantity to our hair.

Alternative medicine

Organic supplements: these supplements visual and also prevent hair loss, specifically in times as significant as the autumn. They are dietary supplements and also their ingredients, drawn out from vitamins, minerals as well as plants act straight outward to avoid, rearrange and also boost look. Since it recommend Foliactive Pills considering that it meets all legal demands and warranties needed.

Spray Sprays anti-fall: there are also sprays made from natural active ingredients to stop loss of hair and also restore the capillary area. In this line recommended Foliactive Spray, an all-natural product that controls the build-up of wax, oils and also various other scalp troubles since it reduces the effects of the result of hypertrophy of the glandular and also increases hair reconstruction.